5 Ways to Stick To Your Budget When Working with a Designer

Can you design a beautiful home on a budget? Absolutely! Let’s be real: The vast majority of us are working within some type of monetary constraint, but this does not have to detract from the results we achieve. And it can even help us make better decisions when it comes to the durability of our style.

5 Tips to Stay On Budget When Working with a Designer

Planning a home improvement project – whether it encompasses your entire home or a room or two – can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to budgeting. Here are five ways to stay on track:

  1. Take Time to Consider What You Really Want

It sounds simplistic, but taking your time to determine what you want, what suits your lifestyle, what feels aspirational, is anything but simple. Dig deep – and forget what you think you should do or how your home should be or look. This is your space, your home, your memory-making command central. It should reflect… Well, you. Gourmet Michelin Star-worthy kitchens may make a splash, for example, but if you are a take-out or go-out person, fine!

Focus your attention on the spaces that matter most to you. It could be an indulgent owner’s suite or family-friendly great room. This is all about you; deciding on your priorities is step one in sticking to your budget.

  1. Engage In Open, Honest Conversation with Your Designer

Most of us are hesitant to talk about the “M” word. Money. It can be a rather taboo topic, but when it comes to sticking to a budget when working with a designer, engaging in transparent conversations is paramount. The right designer will have keen insight into sourcing materials, supplies, and other elements at optimal cost, and they can also help you direct your budget to the spaces that will yield the most impact.

Don’t be afraid to talk about money. You can design a beautiful house on a budget – but only if your designer is aware of said budget!

  1. Clarify the Scope of the Project

What needs to be done? Everything! It may feel like this, but, no, not everything needs a major overhaul. At least not at the same time. Be strategic when it comes to the scope of your project. You may need to complete it in phases, and this can be an excellent move to minimize disruption on both your budget and your emotional state. Again, clarifying your priorities plays a central role.

And if you do want to overhaul everything, ask a designer about where to start and what should be included in which phases. This allows you to allocate your funding where it will make the most impact.

  1. Take Advantage of Customized Design Services

Let’s circle back: We mentioned that it can be challenging to determine your priorities and to establish a starting point when it comes to your home project. We get it. This is why Home & Willow offers services specifically tailored to your needs. To gain clarity and to guide budget discussions, get the advice and guidance you need via:

  • Designer for a Day. If you are uncertain about where to start or if you need full design services, we’ll block out a few hours to come to your home and help. We’ll tackle any design issues you have and develop a list of ideas and solutions for your project(s).
  • Design Consultation. Home & Willow will help you create a plan for your home improvement project. Whether you want to focus on the entire home or one room, we bring our creative problem-solving to you. We use this time to listen and understand the challenges ahead of you so we can help you get from Point A to Point Beautiful.

Your budget is an important part of these conversations and will help inform your next steps.

  1. Prioritize Timeless Over Trends

In the pursuit of creating the “perfect” home, many people focus on now. They splurge and director their budget towards fleeting design trends that are “hot” this season or this year. Rest assured, fads will fade – and fast!

At Home & Willow, we wish to create timeless beauty and elegance that lasts. By investing in high-quality, enduring pieces (from furnishings to artwork to window treatments), you make the most of each of your budget dollars. These are elements that will stand the test of time and create a great canvas that can be easily refreshed. For example, focusing spending on exceptional furnishings gives you the flexibility to add splashes of today’s “it” color with throws or fun accessories.

It is often not worth it to compromise on quality; in fact, when you are strategic, these elements are what will save you money in the long run.

Let’s Work Together

You have a vision. And you also have to stick to a budget when working with a designer. The two are not mutually exclusive! At Home & Willow, our goal is to gain in-depth understanding of your goals and aspirations, engage in transparent conversations, and above all, deliver the results of which you’ve been dreaming.

Connect with Home & Willow. We look forward to working with you.