A Well Lit Path

—I’ve been told to build HOME & Willow Design and Decor, a unique Design Boutique, it would be like birthing a baby.  Nope.  It’s way harder than that.  But we are doing it!  Every day we get closer and closer to the Delivery Date.  We have nailed down the location of the shop and have ordered TONS of furnishings.  Lighting.  Furniture.  Accessories.  Throws.  Florals.  Rugs.  I can’t wait for you all to see it.  The ACCESSORIES are in and are ready to go.  Just schedule an appointment.  We are currently taking orders for Custom Upholstery.  Yep, upholstery is still taking 5 months, with 1 exception.  That exception is our secret to share, if you would like to find out by hiring our designers. 😊

The Dream Idea of HOME & Willow is that we’d have very nice, even high-end items, at the BEST prices possible.  Even close to internet pricing.  But that we’d safeguard those items by encouraging clients to hire our designers.  They are so experienced.  So talented.  And fast!  At $150/hr, hiring a designer is just the right formula to prevent frustrating mistakes.  There are fewer time delays, more creative juices flowing and more needs analysis being done.  Everyone ends up happier.

Back to lamps…I love LAMPS.  I love GOOD lamps.  Cheap ones with inferior shades never impress me.  I think Uttermost has some of the best lamps for the price point.  A lamp, besides providing light, should also be a bit of an art piece.  Why not purchase one that’s beautiful?  If you buy a cheap lamp, it’s just going to look cheap.  As I look at this photo of the latest lamps, I can see they are mostly white.  And blue.  That’s the high demand these days.  So fresh.  A white lamp will last 100 years.

Thank you to all who are supporting HOME & Willow, even while I’m home creating it.  Clients keep calling. I’ve never been busier.  It’s quite humbling.  Building this business has been intensive.  I sometimes fear what I cannot see.  It’s sort of like trying to turn on a lamp in the dark.  It’s dark.  You can’t see the lamp, from which you are needing that light.  You stumble.  You bang your knee.  But then, you turn it on and no more darkness.  Ah, a warm glow of clarification.  (In reality, I leave at least 1 lamp on at all times….even through the night). Please buy a nice lamp.