Building or Remodeling Your Dream Home? Relax – And Explore the Benefits of Working with a Designer

You are in control.

You are in the driver’s seat.

You are going to be the one who turns your house into a home.

And you could use some help. Let’s face it: Creating the home of your dreams is an arduous process. When you entrust your remodel or new build to a skilled professional, though, it is one that you do not have to undertake alone – and it becomes a journey of anticipation and exhilaration rather than stress and exhaustion.

Benefits of Working with a Designer

Working with a designer is both a luxury and a necessity for many projects, particularly large-scale and whole-home endeavors. Why put your home into the capable hands of a professional?

You Are In the Driver’s Seat

Your interior designer should be passionate about their work, their art, their science, their process. But first and foremost, their goal is to help you achieve yours. Creating a space in which you are free, comfortable, and empowered to live your life to its fullest is no small task – and you are in control. Every step of the way.

Lead designer and founder of Home & Willow, Stacy Stater, says, “Homeowners are the drivers. We are only the navigators.” Think of it like this: Would you take an important journey without GPS? We love Google Maps, but we also remember who is behind the wheel. This is your dream; with a partner on whom you can rely, you will get there.

And just as you trust your navigation system to help you make the right turns and steer clear of road blocks, it is important that you and your design team have a relationship built on honesty, transparency, and open communication. Then, you have a powerful co- pilot along your home build/remodel journey to help you maneuver through each phase like an Indy 500 pro (…so maybe that’d make us more like your pit crew!).

Designers Earn Their Keep

For some projects, doing it yourself makes sense. When it comes to larger-scale remodels and builds, working with an interior designer can not only save you time (and stress), it saves you money in the long term.

How do designers earn their value?

  • They bring their connections and contacts to the relationship. Experienced professionals have worked with myriad builders, contractors, and vendors, and they can often extend trade deals to you. They also have exclusive access to brands that you cannot get otherwise, ensuring ultimate value and cost engineering.
  • Selling may not be your goal now or anytime in the future. At the same time, increasing the value of your property is a smart move that can further other objectives, such as building equity or preparing to age in place. Partnering with an interior designer ensures that you love your home now and that it is an asset you can use to plan for tomorrow, all while maximizing its potential.
  • Interior designers have an eye for style – and for value. Your project starts with your needs, requirements, desires, and budget. The right professional brings these factors together into a cohesive whole. By clarifying a guiding vision and creating a strategy that encompasses what home means to you, you can work as a team to achieve the perfect balance of design and budget.
  • Time is precious. Reclaim yours with an interior designer, who has the expertise, experience, connections, and know-how to check tasks – from fitting and furniture selections to layout possibilities to pricing and sourcing – off your list in a timely, seamless manner.

While your design will ultimately be front and center, it takes meticulous, exacting behind-the-scenes work to make the dream come alive. Imagine if this was off your shoulders – and into the hands of a trusted design partner?

You Avoid Costly Mistakes

To err is human. And most of us are very, very human. But to make mistakes on your build/remodel? Well.. that is human… and potentially very, very expensive. When it comes to design, the details matter. It can be easy to make a room seem cramped instead of cozy or a space to feel closed off instead of welcoming. You may be tempted into following fads instead of staying true to an enduring vision. You might want to light up your life… and end up with a glaring disaster when it comes to fittings and fixtures. Your plan may be aging in place, but the only thing aging is your decor. Even something as seemingly simple as inaccurately measuring can turn out to be a pricey mistake.

Design is more than how a home looks. It encompasses how a home feels and how it functions. By listening, intently and intentionally, to your needs and goals, your designer can create a plan that works for you, for your budget, and for your lifestyle – now and into the future.

Home Is… Everything

We know that home is everything to you and to your loved ones. Creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, elegance, and joy is essential, overwhelming… and, ultimately, exciting and rewarding when you work with the right team. Connect with Home & Willow to discuss your project. Let’s bring your ideas, and your home, to life.