Durable Interior Design: Timeless Elements for Homeowners

After spending hard-earned time and money on your home design, it goes without saying that you want each piece of the space to last. Here’s how we make your space beautiful and functional for every day after it’s done.

Choose durable materials. Pets and children make a considerable impact on the lifespan of fabric furnishings, but some of that wear and tear can be mitigated. For parents and pet owners alike, we tend to recommend darker colors for heavy traffic furniture. Leather furniture is easier to clean and more durable than traditional cloth. For pet owners, you’ll notice where upholstery would pucker or tear, character marks appear on leather before the material begins to break down. Our partner, Norwalk Furniture, offers a highly-durable and stylish leather upholstery collection called Purely Protected Leathers. This line was designed for high use items to reduce scratching, fading and staining.

Craftsmanship also goes a long way in extending the life of a piece of furniture. Look for hardwood and hand-finished materials. Our friends at Vangaurd Furniture, for example, are committed to “Made in America ” products that are designed to be handed down through the generations. Their sustainable practices also put them several steps ahead in the industry for environmentally conscious production.

Your daily routine is sacred. We want to create a space that elevates your home, so each piece needs to work with the life you’re already living. Think about where your family eats, and how often you have guests. While a formal dining table can be gorgeous, it might eat up a lot of precious space if your family doesn’t host often. This type of conversation is exactly what our team works through when you book our Designer for a Day consultation. We look at your space and ask you about the pain points of your current layout. You come away with a list of recommendations and easy next steps for your project.

Details make a space. Your home is meant to go through phases as life continues to bring new energy into your space. As time goes on, an easy refresh might include changing out the finishing touches. As the next piece of furniture, light fixture, or curtains come along, be open to change but aware of the bigger picture. What new item still works with the rest of your home? What else might need updated with this new addition?\

Let’s work together! Whether it’s a quick refresh or a complete remodel, Home and Willow is your partner in bringing your vision to life. Many of our preferred products are timeless pieces that are built to last a lifetime. Our team is ready to tackle whatever challenges you face.