Everyone Lives (& Loves) In The Kitchen

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to the interior design of their home—especially when it comes time to style your kitchen. It is common for most of us to have ideas about what we want (and what we DON’T want). The challenge comes when putting those thoughts together, cross-checking to make sure our ideas are not only optimally functional, but also updated. The fear of the thought that we won’t like something in 5 years can be paralyzing. Finalizing design plans can be both a stressful and tedious process for a lot of people. For me, life is a lot like design…it is always changing. I love to see how different regions of this beautiful world influence people to think out of the box. I love keeping current on the latest efforts to make things more sustainable. More cleanable. More durable.

More than ever, the kitchen is the pulsating heart of the home. It’s where life happens. Especially if you have two sons like I do! 🙂 From quick breakfasts, family meals, to sharing a cup of tea with friends, the kitchen is where most of the activity takes place. You need to style your kitchen so it works hard and looks beautiful. Our kitchens are supposed to be the space we enjoy the most. Thoughtful kitchen design is the key ingredient to make that happen. From my perspective as a designer who is experienced in multiple cultures, I have found that kitchen design leads the charge of transforming the home. That’s why it’s my favorite area to design. I’d like to share some of the most significant elements to help you design your kitchens.

–Firstly, when we style your kitchen layout we need to eliminate wasted space and focus on what is useful. For example, if coffee is important to you, be sure to have all of your desired goodies alongside your designated coffee space.

–Next, how will people be moving through the space? Of utmost importance is flow and traffic. Where will the island be placed and what is its functionality? Do you imagine cooking on the island, or do you see the kids sitting there with you while you wash dishes? These are some of the questions you should consider when thinking about where to begin.

–Another essential point is whether your kitchen will be used to prepare large meals and hold social gatherings. If this is the case, I would advise that you double up on your most often to most used appliances. For example, a mini-fridge or refrigerator drawer located at the edge of the kitchen work center can be not only helpful to you, but could increase the desirability of your home as an investment.

–Additionally, think of functionality of the work space…extend your vision farther into all available spaces. For example, the interior of cabinets can be a great space for storage. They can contain compartments that will help you maintain a clean and organized space. The pantry could be built around the heights and size of the containers of your choice.

–Also, LIGHT IT UP! A proper lighting schematic can make all the difference. Along with the number and location of outlets. Their location should be a reflection of your most utilized electrically powered items, like blenders, toasters, coffee makers, etc.

–Lastly, create a focal point in the kitchen that will make a bold statement. This can be a flashy backsplash tile, fancy flooring, a sizable range hood, cabinetry or unique countertop. There are so many beautiful options when choosing materials and with this…let your creativity begin! Did you know porcelain countertops have already made their debut in Europe and Americans are taking notice?