Hands That Build

As an owner of a design studio and in the business of all things Interior Design, I’m blown away by the talented people that build with their hands.  The houses that provide shelter for us are built by men and women.  So many daily objects that help us live more sophisticatedly are fashioned by human hands.  Yes, I know in the auto industry, a myriad of machinery is relied upon for the mass production of many items….but people work hard…for you.  For us.

A revival is brewing.  I hear it percolating.  Since Covid we are unabashed about HOME being the most important place.  The craftsmen and women who help us in that endeavor are due the respect they deserve.  Sure, many have an opportunity to attend college, but the person who wants to start their career in the trades ASAP deserves more credit than societal biases would allow.  I believe we are starting to give credence to those on the more industrious path.  Without them we are sunk.

I love data.  Did you know it takes 54 people to build a sofa?  Incredible.  This estimation is from the fine manufacturing company, Norwalk Furniture.  Carl McIntyre, of Carrington Homes, guesses approximately 85 craftsmen are needed to build a beautiful custom house.  My husband works at Bowen Engineering, specializing in water and wastewater treatment plants for municipalities (crucial to all civilizations).  He supposes that over 100 tradesmen are key to the building success of these huge utilities.

At Home & Willow Design, we rely on and employ upholsterers, wallcovering installers, trim carpenters, tilers & masons, seamstresses, floral manufacturers, artists, painters, furniture makers, delivery men and so many more talented craftsmen and women.  H&W Design is indebted to the trade industry.  As you look around, please note all the things helping make your life easier and more beautiful….chances are they were built by people.

Then thank someone who has hands that build.