The Fight for Space While Living Small

Envision the area of your home that is your favorite, or where you choose to spend the most time in. Is it
attributed to the color scheme and ambience? Could it be the seclusion and sense of calm? Most of us
would agree there is a specific reason we have crowned a particular room or nook, our most beloved. My
favorite place to be is in the most organized and agreeable space.

No one intentionally creates a cluttered space to live in, yet it’s a slippery slope! Now take this
human nature, and combine it with apartment or small space living. We have now made a recipe for
thousands of people never fully enjoying their smaller spaces and the potential of where they call home.
Nevertheless, there are tips to turn your small space, condo, or apartment into an oasis you’ll always look
forward to being in.

Work. Your. Lines. Takes advantage of high ceilings and clean lined furniture. Placing drapery
closer to your ceilings gives the immediate illusion of a larger room. Pair this with straight edged
upholstery, and you have doubled your mirage. When working with small spaces, rounded and “puffy”
furniture can often give off the appearance of fullness and make tight areas seem stuffy or small.

Cozy doesn’t mean sectional. If you are short on space, you can still have the warm and
snuggly living room, without trying to compact a large sectional wall to wall. Repeat after me, “I must fight
the urge to cover every inch of open floor with furniture”. Keep the intimacy by placing two small side
chairs adjacent or banquette-style to one another.. Marry these chairs with a loveseat or sofa of slightly
larger size. Don’t shy away from focal upholstery pieces, let your scale go a bit here!

Choose a wall. If you are anxious to cover every inch of your small apartment in artwork, mirrors,
and posters. Then do so!………With one. Trick the eyes and make one wall your gallery! Accentuate the
heights of this wall to avoid the appearance of over-excessiveness. If you’re feeling extra glam, paint your
chosen wall a powder pastel, or an iron oxide black-depending on your mood.

Speaking of color… Just because you live in a small space, does not mean you have to shy
away from your fun side! Colorways are a beloved way to broadcast your tastes. Do so by keeping your
selections in a small circle. Choose a few analogous and flattering tones to play with, whether it be for
your upholstery, drapery, or accessorization. Once you get outside of this colorway, things begin to sit out
of place, and not always in a good way. Remember, the key to our living sanctuary is flow and

Whether you are redecorating a condo, apartment, or extra space that may be leaning on the
smaller side; these small but mindful tips can make the world of a difference. With the right placement and
some tricks of the eye, a minimally sized space can become a project you find pride and HOME in.