Rooted in Resilience: The Story of Home & Willow Design’s Journey to Success”

When Home & Willow Design founder, Stacy Stater, realized she was brave enough to open her own studio, she knew there’d be no turning back.  The seed has been planted in April of 2021 and was taking root. The Showroom opened in the Hub & Spoke Design Center in Fishers early January 2022. Stacy designed it like all her projects. She put a pencil and ruler to paper with her client in mind…  With demand at an all-time high, everyone in the home industry is trying to keep up with this new normal. Subsequently, new venues are invaluable. Home & Willow Design was cultivated to be an inspiring meeting hub for designers and clients alike to create amazing spaces.

Home & Willow Design is staffed with a super-talented, energetic team of core designers who await anyone needing help with a project. We consider it a high honor to be invited into someone’s home…their most private and prized asset.  It’s not taken lightly, and our ‘Willow’ Designers listen carefully, in order to come up with unique and creative solutions to any problems that homeowners have. Stacy says, “Our job is to create a home that is a beautiful reflection of the client’s personality…not ours!”

The Nature of Design is symbolic for H&W. Stater remembers her late mother planting a Willow tree in the backyard, because nothing else would grow there. Deep rooted and resilient, the Willow grows in less than perfect conditions.  With graceful and forgiving limbs, the Willow withstands the storm. Proud of her Willow team for weathering the busiest season the home industry has ever encountered, Stacy says she leaves most days misty-eyed. “It’s so inspiring to spend your day with ‘Creatives’ and to see their passion to help people”.

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