Home & Willow: Services Designed For You

Why did we choose the name, Home & Willow Design? A willow moves with the wind, showing its strength in its flexibility and agility. This is the premise that underlies our work and that informs and inspires our services.

Now, why will you choose Home & Willow Design? Our team empowers you to accomplish your goals, to realize your dreams, and, above all, to make your house a home.

Home & Willow Design Services

Home is everything. For many of us, it is the single most important place in the world. As Founder and Senior Designer Stacy Stater says, “It’s where we build our most important relationships” and create our most treasured memories. The path that takes us there – that takes us to home – differs for everyone. Home & Willow’ Design’s services are designed to accommodate your needs and goals and, ideally, make that path much more meaningful and rewarding. We offer:

Full Service Interior Design

We call this the “Willow Signature.” Our full service interior design experience empowers homeowners to create space that allows them to put down strong roots. Best of all, there’s no need (or pressure) for you to worry about anything. Whether you are building from the ground up or transforming your home one precious room at a time, our experienced team takes care of all the details.

And we understand what a leap of faith this is. You are, essentially, putting your home into our hands. This is why, Stacy explains, we spend so much time and energy getting to know clients and learn about their specific desires. Strong relationships allow us to “hone in on making their homes reflect their personalities and not ours.”

Because our clients trust us, and because we focus on building those relationships, entrusting your design to us is not so much a leap of faith as a logical next step.

Designer for a Day

Not ready for a leap, or a step, quite yet? Designer for a Day is a targeted option that allows you to test the waters, so to speak. We visit your home and start delving into any design issues, challenges, or visions you have. From there, we’ll develop a detailed list of ideas, including retail solutions, that will enable you to make your home truly yours. This allows you to clarify the scope of your project(s) and decide what your next move is.

Interior/Exterior Paint Selection

Choosing colors for your home is about more than perusing the latest Color of the Year (which, by the way, range from Peach Fuzz to Renew Blue for 2024) and settling on one that strikes your fancy. Of course, hues that hit the right note are important – but we consider the entire arrangement. That is, how do colors work together cohesively in your home… as well as outside of it?

The right colors look great and can increase value and curb appeal. More than that, though, they influence mood, evoke certain feelings and emotions, and help reflect the personalities of those who call this home. If you cannot pin down color, we can assist you in creating a complete color palette that works in your space.

New Home Construction or Remodel Selections

Perhaps the single biggest obstacle that many of our clients face is the heavy feeling of overwhelm associated with a new build or remodel. It is a lot, to say the least. You will be faced with a staggering number of product choices during your building or remodeling process, and it is all too easy to run into decision fatigue.

The Home & Willow team specializes in creating a stress-less experience. Again, relationships are key, and when we fully understand your desired decor, your lifestyle, and your goals, we can design detailed concept boards, guide you through your options, and bring a feeling of calm to the chaos.

Accessorizing Your Space

They say that the devil is in the details. We beg to differ! The magic is in the details. Putting the finishing touches on your home, through art, pillows, window treatments, and other accessories, is one of our favorite aspects of design. If you need to add your personality and flair to your space but need help navigating your choices and deciding how to make elements work together, send us pictures or invite us for an assessment. We’ll take care of the rest (because we know just what you’ll love).

Let’s Work Together

What is home to you? Our services are designed to ensure this ideal is brought to life through classic, durable style. Learn more at https://homeandwillowdesign.com/.