Kid- and Pet-Friendly Design: Blending Durability, Ease, and Style

Is there a part of you that wants a home that’s always guest-ready? Always elegant, stylish, and that exudes a “they’ve got it together” vibe? And… Does that all seem incompatible with having kids and pets? It can certainly feel that way! The truth is, these household members do make their presence known (often via sticky fingerprints or muddy pawprints) – but you can balance their need to play, create, dream, and, yes, even make a mess with your desire for a lovely, welcoming space.


The Basics of Kid- and Pet-Friendly Design

Home is everything. With some thoughtful choices, it can be everything to everyone – two- or four-legged alike. A few kid- and pet-friendly design tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.

Fabric Is Your Friend

Don’t cry over spilled milk… Unless it’s all over your beloved sofa! From drinks and dander to finger paints and peanut buttery treats, children and pets can quite the masters of mess. You can’t prevent every spill, smear, or shaggy four-legged mishap, but you can choose fabrics that can help you master tasteful, durable, family-friendly design.

Thanks to advances in technology, fabrics have come a long way. Most are more durable and stain-resistant than their predecessors. Some are even treated with a Crypton bath, which creates a protective layer that is still soft and breathable. That milk you were getting teary-eyed about? C rypton ensures it beads up and does not penetrate into the fibers so you can just wipe it up with a cloth.

For parents and pet-owners, durable, stain-repellent fabric is a true superhero in the home.

Combine Comfort and Durability with Hardwood

You see a sofa, chair, or bed. Your child sees a world of adventure. Believe it or not, they don’t always heed the “no jumping on the furniture” rule. Energetic use from kids and/or pets age your furnishings prematurely. Keep them younger, longer, by choosing high-quality hardwood-framed upholstered options. They will still offer the comfort and sumptuous texture you demand from a cozy couch, for example, but they will deliver a superior sitting experience and last much longer.

Choose Luxe and Long-Lasting

In households with dogs, cats, and kids, nothing beats leather. Full aniline leather made from the top part of the hide (which produces leather of the best quality and durability), which is then treated with aniline die. This preserves the natural grain and unique markings in the leather. It will age beautifully and last throughout the years. Like black, marble, and good lighting, sumptuous, sophisticated leather does not go out of style.

Home Is Everything

These are just a few of the ways you can create the design of your dreams while ensuring it is realistic for the needs and demands of your household. You can have it all: beauty and practicality, style and comfort… and kids and/or pets and a stunning home. Curious to learn more? Connect with Home & Willow. Our well of ideas and inspiration runs deep!