Spotlight on Melanie Hufhand: Envy-Inducing Kitchen Remodel

Dream homes don’t always come turnkey. Whether it’s your well-worn family home in need of an update or a newly-purchased fixer-upper in need of a full renovation, the vision in your mind’s eye might seem a bit out of reach. That’s where the Home & Willow Design team comes in. You deserve to see your personality, needs, and style reflected in your space. We see your vision, and we’re ready to help you bring it to life.

A kitchen remodel empowers us to make that vision – the one we fell in love with – a reality. This is the transformation in which Home & Willow specializes. When you have a dream, we work with you to bring it to life.

For the Love of All Things Beautiful

Vision, meet Melanie Hufhand. Originally from the charming river city of Decatur, Alabama, she has brought her southern roots to the Hoosier State and fully embraced the Midwest. And if anyone knows about falling in love with what could be, it is Melanie. Transforming her 1930s house into a warm, inviting home (while juggling… well, life), she is no stranger to challenges, trials, tribulations… and triumphs.

As part of the Home & Willow Design team, Melanie brings an unerring ability to listen to clients, delve into their needs and wants, and create spaces that reflect their unique personalities. She’s brought this – not to mention, a critical, creative eye – to many projects.

Kitchen Remodel: Bringing 90s to Now

On a recent remodel, Melanie was tasked with updating the style and layout of a 1990s era kitchen and fireplace. The mission, which she did choose to accept, was to create a warm, inviting home with optimal flow.

A small doorway separated the kitchen and living areas, making the space feel smaller and impeding traffic, if you will. Fixtures, tile, counters and cabinets alike were dated, and the overall feel was a bit cool, closed off, and… let’s just say, it didn’t exactly evoke the vibe you’d want for relaxing with the family or entertaining guests!

Working hand-in-hand with her clients, Melanie approached this remodel one step at a time. The first of which was to eliminate that small doorway and create a large cased opening between the kitchen and living rooms. While still distinct spaces, they now flow together seamlessly. To bring the homeowners’ vision to life, Melanie also:

  • Modernized the existing cabinetry by adding trim that extended them to the ceiling. Incredible vertical and visual impact!
  • Replaced and moved the island to optimize movement in the “work zone” and create cohesion with the social area.
  • Replaced the sliding patio door to fit the scale of the room.
  • Introduced new lighting, tile, countertops, and hardware for a top-to-bottom makeover.
  • Brought life and flow to the space with fresh paint.
  • Integrated new furniture, rugs, artwork, and accessories to modernize the home and add warmth through color and texture.
  • Renovated the fireplace, infusing it with a modern yet timeless feel.

The homeowners were thrilled with their transformation, stating, “We wanted a warm, inviting space and [Melanie] gave us exactly that! We love it!”

Mission: Accomplished.

Vision, Meet Reality

Home & Willow Design and Decor not only builds stunning interiors; we build strong, trust-based relationships with our valued clients. This is the only way to achieve results that wow – and that continue to evoke that feeling of home, every day and every time you open the door.

To make your vision a reality, connect with the Home & Willow team. We are ready to listen.