The Home & Willow Design and Decor Experience: Our Process Ensures Your Results

Feeling overwhelmed?

Striving to create a home – a home, a refuge, a sanctuary, an oasis – starts with a dream. And then? It all comes down to the translation. This is the part that can be so trying and challenging: How do you transform ideas into plans, visions into reality? How do you turn the amorphous into the concrete (or, more to the point, the gorgeous marble, maple, and Miele!)?

You start with your vision of home, and you trust a designer who speaks the language.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Just as a willow moves with the wind, and thus shows its strength, our service department remains flexible and accessible. Home & Willow Design and Decor empowers clients to make their house a home.

Every designer worth their salt should know what colors, materials, shapes, and patterns work together; they should have knowledge of various design philosophies and concepts, of diverse time periods and cultures. They should have an eye. The experienced Home & Willow Design and Decor team does – and each specializes in what is, arguably, the most crucial aspect of making a house a home.


The Home & Willow Design and Decor Process

That feeling of overwhelm? Of not knowing the next steps to take towards your vision? They solve that by taking the time to understand your needs, asking the right questions, and creating the connections that lead to trust. Senior Designer and Founder, Stacy Stater says, “We pride ourselves on getting to know the client and their specific desires… Our clients trust us. We know what they will love because we have built a relationship with them. They allow us into their homes, which is a very intimate, emotional endeavor.”

This trust is rewarded with results that wow, and with a home that truly captures the owners’ personalities and tastes.

As such, the Home & Willow Design and Decor process is centered around building relationships. This is why listening plays such an integral role. Clients can come in with their ideas, with vision boards and scrapbooks, with sketches, slideshows, or scraps scavenged from home magazines. Their designer will delve through all of this with them, digging beyond the surface to determine what about that color, what about that fabric, what about that aesthetic appeal. By getting an overall sense of the clients’ needs and goals, they can provide targeted, and creative, solutions throughout all phases of the design process.

When to Call In a Designer

ASAP! While Stacy and the team can join in on a project at any stage, it is often beneficial to connect sooner rather than later. For example, if you are undertaking a new build, Home & Willow  is happy to work with you at the earliest stages. This can be helpful in ensuring that certain steps are taken in the most efficient, effective way.

But if you need someone to provide the perfect finishing touches, that works too. Remember: This is your project, and with our process, it will all come together beautifully.

Stress Less

Ready to relieve your mind, and shoulders, from a world of stress? By prioritizing and embodying flexibility and accessibility, we empower you to create spaces where you can grow your roots and make memories. Contact Home & Willow to discuss your project.