You Want To Read Another Blog?

If you are one of those people who loves to read blogs, here’s my first attempt. Go easy on me. :-). I’m Stacy Stater, a designer with HOME & Willow in the Indianapolis area. I’ve been a member of the design industry for 17 years….that’s a long time. I love it. It evokes a creative sauce from my soul that threatens to boil over, if it’s not released. However impassioned, I’m just probably not going to write much about interior design. If you love to read blogs about design, feasting on every aspect of all things interior, licking up all the latest trends….this probably isn’t going to fill your tank. I’m sorry, I just don’t think going into great detail about a project or giving you some of trade secrets or rules of design is the most important thing to talk about. I’ll probably write about those things. Eventually. But not on my first at bat. Life has tons of categories and subcategories, but unquestionably, the most important thing about life is our relationships. Family first, then working relationships, and then I’d guess we jockey our relationships with friends, neighbors and acquaintances with the remaining coins in the meter. One of the beautiful things about family…they are who we share HOME with. We laugh, we rest, we eat, we refuel for the next day….with family. I once had a client tell me the dining table she was searching for was of utmost importance. She said with a slight southern drawl “You see, family is built around the table.” Well, I really didn’t care what her table looked after that comment…I just was blown away by the earnestness in her quest. She’s right. The table builds family. For me, the design and decor of HOME will always be about people….Our people. How do our homes make our loved ones feel? More than having a barn door over the pantry or the latest trending color scheme, our homes need to have order. To create peace and tranquility. They need to be clean and tidy (oops, did I say that out loud?). Our homes need to have personal things strategically placed throughout. PHOTO FRAMES PEOPLE! Of your people….and the people from whom you came. :-). You will not be surprised to know that my most favorite accessory to decorate with…The photo frame. I once left my dear, sweet, late mother at my house while I was at work….I came through the door after a long day and she proclaimed “93! That’s how many picture frames I counted in your house!” Awesome. I practice what I preach. 🙂 If I have any future in a design blog, I will carry on in greater detail about how important it is to make a design plan for your home. Hire a designer who has the heart to get to know you…enough to add those personal elements. But, please make the investment. JUST PLEASE DO IT! Invest in that calming, restorative, beautiful respite we call HOME. No fear of making a mistake should ever cause you to keep living in chaos or keep you thinking “Gosh, I hate that….fill in the blank”. If you have the investment, make it. Sure, I’ve met husbands who are trying to lock the door when they see me pull into their driveway. However, I’ve met more women who are too fearful to pull a trigger, even when their husbands are totally onboard with making HOME a priority. My husband doesn’t get the whole sentence out before I’m hitting the “SUBMIT ORDER” button. The client whose home is pictured above has become a treasured relationship of mine. She and I have become very good friends as we go through life together. Designing and making home everything it can be. People.