Behind-the-Scenes with Home & Willow Design

“We do have a character trait, a core value that we’re teaching here,” says Home & Willow Founder/Owner Stacy Stater.  It’s called Willow. You need to be flexible, deep-rooted, graceful… and go with the storm.”

A willow shows its strength by moving with the wind; we show ours by embodying that same flexibility and resiliency. In doing so, the Home & Willow team empowers clients to create spaces in which they can put down their own roots and make indelible, and  incredible, memories.

Making a House a Home with Home & Willow Design

Our designs are thoughtful and intentional, and this is… by design, if you will. Our process is driven by your needs, goals, and aspirations. Rather than chasing trends, we seek to create timeless interiors that help you weather whatever storms rage outside your doors. The Willow Way is built on trusting relationships, ensuring the journey from vision to fruition is seamless. Our team guides you through a Discovery Session, a deep dive into you, and an in-home assessment.

From the Design Scope, an organized list based on our assessment, to delivery day, when the metamorphosis begins to take place before your eyes, the Willow Way empowers you to make your house a home.

The Willow Women

Each of Home & Willow’s team members embodies our core value, the Willow. Their creativity and passion are a force to be reckoned with – and collectively, they have decades of experience in effecting inspiring transformations. Stacy’s own transformation led to the founding of the company. As a child, she drew floor plans and scoured catalogs for furniture to fill her dreams. After earning a financial counseling degree from Purdue University, though, Stacy went into business. Finding it sapped her of her creative energy, she decided to follow her passion… and Home & Willow followed soon after.

This passion is evident in the team that Stacy has nurtured and in the quality of their work. Rather than specializing in one genre or one “look,” they take the time to specialize in the client. “We pride ourselves on getting to know the client and their specific desires” so we can “hone in on making their homes reflect their personalities and not ours.”

No two clients are the same, which is why no two Home & Willow projects are the same. Fortunately so! “Our designers are so creative. It would kill us if we had to do the same design over and over. We want it to be different each time,” Stacy emphasizes.

From Designer Bron Dailey, who uses her background in both design and psychology to wow clients, to Office Manager Kamryn Camp, whose high-energy, humorous, and innovative mind keeps everyone on track, each Willow Woman is committed to excellence and to delivering exceptional results.

Our Favorite Project…

Is yours. Whatever your goals and aspirations, we are keen to understand them and deliver results that capture your vision. In fact, many of our clients find that the finished product exceeds their expectations and reflects their personality and lifestyle in a way that makes a space truly feel like home.

Experience the Willow Way. Connect with Home & Willow.