Home & Willow’s Process: From Discovery to Delivery

What now?

If you are like most homeowners facing the intimidating blank canvas of a new build or the daunting task of remodeling/renovating an existing house, you have put in endless time thinking, imagining, scouring websites and galleries, visiting showrooms and open houses… and, quite possibly, worrying about how you will accomplish your goals and desires.

So, what now? The answer may be much more simple, and manageable, than you expected. At least, that’s what we intended when we created the Willow Way.

The Willow Way

Just as a willow moves with the wind, and thus shows its strength…

We remain flexible in the face of change. In design, it’s easy to chase trends; we believe in creating timeless interiors that instill joy and calm in the hearts – and lives – of homeowners. The Willow Way, our client-focused process, is designed to nurture trusting relationships and facilitate optimal results. As always, we are here to guide you along the journey.

Discovery Session

We want to get to know you! The Discovery Session is a complimentary 30-minute meeting in our studio or via phone that enables us to discuss your needs, priorities, goals, and expectations. Integral to the Home & Willow process is a deep-dive into your vision and dreams. You are trusting us with your space, and this is not something we take lightly. We want to know what home means to you. To paraphrase from the classic Casablanca, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

In-Home Assessment and Design Scope

Our design team is humbled by the trust our clients place in us. After all, nothing is more important than your home. During the in-home assessment, we take photos, measurements, and notes of your target project areas – and most importantly, we listen.

Armed with information and insights, and full of ideas, we get to work on a Design Scope. This is an organized list culled from our assessment notes, and you will receive it within 24 hours. This is also the point at which your designer will itemize a fee schedule. (Design fees are collected prior to the start of work.) All of this will be explained clearly to you so there are no “fun” surprises during any phase of your project.

Visual Presentation

Picture it. Better yet, let us show you exactly what we’re thinking on Presentation Day. Depending on your unique timeline, you and any additional decision-makers come back to our studio. You’ll see your vision taking shape through physical mood boards, detailed 3D renderings, keynotes, and other methods. Thanks to our brick & mortar retail space, you can see, touch, and experience fabrics, finishes, furnishings, flooring, and more for yourself. This direct and tactile approach really allows the project to come to life in your mind.

Delivery Day

You’ve talked, we’ve listened. You’ve imagined, we’ve created. Throughout the Willow Way process, you have been in control of every concept and every item that will go into making your house a home. Now get ready for the grand reveal! At this point, our team coordinates a home delivery with you and your designer. Don’t worry. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. We strive to make this step as smooth and seamless as possible so you can focus on what really matters: Your home. We guarantee you will love it. And we venture to say that you’ll also love this phase of the Willow Way. This is where the transformation magic takes center stage.

Home & Willow’s Process Is Designed for You

Intertwined within each step of the Home & Willow process is the advice, guidance, and support of your designer and team. Our only goal is to ensure that you achieve yours. Bringing our expertise, experience, and connections to the relationship empowers you to realize the transformation you’ve been dreaming of, whether that is customizing a newly built space to your needs or reviving an existing structure so it captures who you are.

Are you ready to work from Discovery to Delivery Day? We’re ready to walk with you. Connect with Home & Willow.